What Do You Think - BannerInternational Youth Day is not only a time to celebrate the youth of the world, but also a time to reflect on our days passed. Share with us an experience or person from your youth that you would say shaped who you are today.

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Here Is What You Have Had to Say So Far:

I was fortunate enough to grow up working in the theater as a child actor. Those years are some of the most cherished memories I have. My theatrical experiences in my fundamental years, play a direct role in how I participate in collaboration at work today. Theater forces a large group of people with multiple responsibilities to come together and co-create a bigger picture. – Michael M.

I was always fortunate to be nurtured as a singer all my life. While my family supported me, I recall my elementary school choir director Madame Nadon encouraging my talent. My gratitude goes out to her for all her words of wisdom and support. – Joseph L. 

I will always remember the principal of my junior high school. I remember that year as if it was today. We where a poor family. My dad was a lumber jack, my mom was a full time mother of 13 kids so money was not in abondance. They could not read or write so education was not a priority. There priority was to survive. School usually started in mid August so we could get a few weeks of school for harvesting potatoes. At a young age we would pick potatoes for days on end. From early morning till dark. All my brothers and sister before me had quit school to help support the family. After missing allot of school that fall my dad wanted me to quit school and go to work at 14 years old. At that point I told him I will not quit school that I was not going to work labour jobs. I was a bit discouraged because that would mean I would repeat grade 7. Exams arrive and a few days prior Morel Ouellette the principal called me in is office and ask what was wrong cause I was a bit down in the dumps. I confided in him what was going on and I felt that I would repeat my grade and that I may quit. He said to me if you applie yourself you can pass this grade with flying coulors and I should not quit a dream of graduating from high school. Because of him I have graduated from high school. No money for university. When to work a few years later took a designation in data processing, after that got a job as a computer operator. Worked my way through to programmer analyst and IT Trainner. If it would not have been for Morel Ouellette I probably have been a labour struggling all my life like some of my brothers and sisters. My gratitude and gratefulness for to Mr Morel Ouellette. – Rosaire L. 

When I was in high school I signed up to be a part of the school chorus. I had no singing experience and was very nervous that I would not be good enough. Fortunately, my chorus director, Mr. G, was incredibly supportive and always encouraged me to do my best. He spent extra time with me and really helped me gain the confidence to continue singing. I carry that same confidence and desire to better myself with me to this very day.Jason K.

I have to give credit and thanks to my mom who supported all my interests and hobbies – most particularly in dance. Her encouragement to try new things continues to drive me today.Gordon H. 

I would say that musical theatre is what shaped me into the person I am today. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing vocal coach when I was younger. She broke me out of my shy, non talkative shell, and made me realize that one voice is as important as another. As well as that music is an amazing and artful way of shows that! She made me realize that my dreams were worth pursuing! No matter how tough it may be, it is worth the dedication and outcome! – Cassandra M. 

When I was in high school I was studying for my final year’s exams… and lost it. My mom trying to encourage me said “just try and do it”. I did write them and aced the exams. Later in life, each time I come up against risky situations I choose to “just try and do it”. Either I succeed most times or appreciate the learning lesson. My mom was a wise woman.Lenore S. 

When I was growing up my family owned a retail store where I was given the unique opportunity to design and create a children’s section with books, toys or what ever I thought might appeal to kids my age and younger. My mom would take me with her to trade shows in New York and High Point, North Carolina where I was able to choose products and suppliers for the store. The whole process was such a great learning experience and gift to me, giving me the independent and entrepreneurial spirit that I carry with me to this day.Breanna R.

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