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Drawing on our years of experience, our consultants will work with you to fully understand your situation, assess your needs, and empower you with the guidance to attract, retain, manage, and grow your business.

Topic Description: Executive/Management Coaching

Global Learning offers coaching as a tool for companies who want to improve their top performers’ productivity and job satisfaction in an increasingly challenging workforce. Our consultants offer seasoned, as well as new, employees a sounding board and a trusted advisor to help them improve behaviour patterns or deal with a current business challenge. By working together with the client in specifying the goals to be achieved, the successful coaching program results in employees who are more sensitized, better able to communicate with subordinates, and more open to personal growth.

Our approach includes the following components:

  • Pre-coaching assessment that identifies learning and leadership styles as well as motivational and attitudinal factors
  • Facilitation of management clarity and support for desired changes
  • Maximization of candidate motivations through feedback, education, and tailored approaches that match candidates’ stage of change readiness
  • Clear, behaviourally-based goals and objectives
  • Use of experiential exercises to match the learning style of the adult candidate
  • Use of homework assignments, including active practice and solicitation of feedback to maximize learning
  • Use of relapse-prevention strategies to head off backsliding and resumption of old behaviours
  • Development of a maintenance plan to support long-term change

Based on research outlining the significant benefits of coaching, combined with the excellent results our client organizations have reported after working with our numerous seasoned coaches, Global Learning is highly committed to the coaching process. Our experience confirms that when a highly skilled coach is paired with an appropriate candidate, the coaching process truly is “win-win” for both the individual and the organization.

All of our coaches are highly trained professionals with significant work experience at the management level. In addition, all have related degrees and credentials, possessing either an advanced degree in psychology and/or coaching certification from a recognized coaching institution.

Our Coaching Process

    Candidates generally initially complete one or more different self-assessment tools. Exactly which self-assessment tool they complete will depend largely on why coaching is being recommended at this point in time, as well as the expected outcomes of the coaching initiative.
    The purpose of this 1.5 to 2 hour interview is largely to determine if there is a good “fit” between the candidate and the coach. In addition, the coach explores why the candidate feels coaching would be valuable to him or her at this time. Specific areas of concern (and possible attitudinal, psychological, and motivational factors underlying these issues) are explored.
    The manager explains the concerns and observations that have led up to the coaching request. The manager is encouraged to be direct in highlighting areas of concern and expected changes, and the candidate is encouraged to be actively involved in this conversation.
    The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the major findings from the pre-assessment assessment tool(s) and subsequently develop a coaching plan. At the conclusion of this meeting, both the coach and the candidate are clear about the candidate’s required areas for development, how those needs will be addressed, and what behaviour changes are expected.
    After coaching goals have been identified, the coaching process begins. The focus is on helping the candidate develop new levels of awareness and skills. Clients are often given detailed homework assignments to facilitate learning through practice.

When appropriate, goals regarding balancing work and family, as well as increasing general health and well-being, are also identified. This includes a focus on issues such as nutrition, stress, exercise, as well as overall physical and spiritual health.

During the coaching process, when and where appropriate, feedback is solicited from managers or HR representatives regarding the candidate’s progress. This information is used to reinforce the efforts and progress of a candidate and/or to clarify or refine the candidate’s attempts to use new approaches. This ongoing interaction with the organization is important because it keeps the learning effort tied to the work context and reflects the importance the organization places on the candidate achieving his or her goals.

After new skills have been acquired and practiced, the candidate is prepared for inevitable setbacks that will occur. We help candidates anticipate the types of situations that may result in setbacks and proactively identify ways of dealing with these challenges.

Once goals have been met, the coaching process is phased out on a gradual basis.

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