Amplifying Your Value: Creating an Inclusive Mindset

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Topic Description: Amplifying Your Value: Creating an Inclusive Mindset

In global economy, having the Cultural Intelligence to navigate the complexities of a diverse workplace and marketplace is paramount for success, whether you work domestically or internationally. Unlike your IQ, CQ can be improved through the knowledge and application of 4 areas of focus. This understanding is critical to expanding your relevancy in today’s culturally diverse workplace – as an individual, a member of a team or an organization striving for competitive advantage. In this session, participants will go through an interactive workshop focusing on gaining a Cultural Intelligent mind shift while understanding the significance of Unconscious Bias.

Course Objectives:

Participants will explore the concept of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to understand the model and application as it relates to four quadrants:

  1. Drive or Motivation
  2. Knowledge;
  3. Strategy and
  4. Action
Training Topics:
  • Module 1: Overview of Cultural Norms and Why is CQ even important?
    –  Mapping Cultural Differences and the What of CQ?
  • Module 2: Introducing CQ and the So What?
    –  Delving into the 4 areas of CQ: Drive, Knowledge, Strategy and Action
    –  What is your CQ? Understanding your personal Assessment
  • Module 3: Creating the Now What?
    –  Developing your personal action plans to leverage and improve your CQ
  • Module 4: Understanding the ROI of Cultural Intelligence
    –  Exploring the tools and resources to bring value to you and your organization
Action Planning:

Each participant will complete an action plan. They will commit to implementing 3 strategies or techniques discussed in the workshop that will allow them to leverage CQ and take person action to improve their Cultural Intelligence.

Class Size:
  • Maximum of 16 people per workshop.
Workshop Length:
  • Half-Day Workshop

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