Building Organizational Trust

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Global Learning is ready to go on the road! From a 30-60 minute “lunch and learn”, to a several day event, we are poised with a full roster of classroom-style workshops, that allow us to easily bring our expertise, right to your organizations doorstep.  Each of our workshops are created in a way that we can offer them based on your preference between a more interactive, “hands-on” approach workshop vs. a more conventional, non-interactive presentation.

Topic Description: Building Organizational Trust

The objectives of this workshop are to provide the participants with insight into their own beliefs and expectations around trust, and to develop skills around building and maintaining trust in workplace relationships. Specifically, the participants in the workshop will complete a “trust survey” activity, explore some research findings on trust and examine some of the myths and realities of trust. link trust to results, explore and define trust in the business context, identify the business case for trust – and for building trust with others, utilize the “Intent/Impact Gap” as a tool to understand how trust is built and broken, explore the risks associated with trust, discuss the role of behavioral style (using the DiSC model and individual profile results) and its implications for building or undermining trust, transparency, and credibility and identify processes for rebuilding trust.


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