Creative and Innovative Thinking

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Product Type: High Impact Training Programs

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Global Learning’s seasoned trainers offer excellent, state-of-the-art classroom training programs in an extensive range of subject matter expertise geared to managers and employees at all levels of the organization. These workshop sessions may vary in length and maximum participant number.

Topic Description: Creative and Innovative Thinking

Course Objectives:

The term ‘innovation’ means a new way of doing something — having the ability to look at something old or current and see something new or different. To succeed in today’s economic conditions, truly successful CEOs didn’t fall back on traditional management discipline, existing best practices, or status quo operations. They dug deeper, wider, and exploded with out of the box critical thinking skills to survive and thrive. In fact, according to a new IBM study, creativity and innovation is now the most important leadership quality for success in business over the next five years.

This Innovation workshop teaches participants to apply innovation techniques to achieve breakthrough results. Armed with new techniques and strategies, participants become stronger role models as creative agents, and entrepreneurs among others to ultimately provide a competitive edge for your organization. The workshop incorporates a high level of interactivity, practical learning, self-assessment, exercises, skill practice, case studies and action planning in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Participants will be asked to complete an online assessment that helps to define the following individual/team strengths. (20 minute pre-work required)
Participants Will:
  • Creative capacity
  • Levels of curiosity
  • Pattern breaking skills
  • Idea nurturing ability
  • Willingness to experiment and take risks
  • Courage and resilience levels
  • Energetic persistence
Participants Receive:
  • Coaching throughout the session
  • Evaluation of strengths/areas for improvement
  • A workbook/reference manual
Class Size:
  • This workshop is designed for small and large groups
Workshop Length:
  • Half  Day Workshop

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