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Product Description: 

Global Learning’s seasoned trainers offer excellent, state-of-the-art classroom training programs in an extensive range of subject matter expertise geared to managers and employees at all levels of the organization. These workshop sessions may vary in length and maximum participant number.

Topic Description: Negotiation Skills

Course Objectives:

Provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to engage in successful, “interestsbased” negotiations.

This workshop focuses on the skills of preparation, listening, and persuasion as the core components of effective negotiation. Emphasis is placed on negotiation from interests versus positions, as well as maintaining high ethical standards during the negotiation process. This dynamic workshop includes group interaction, exercises, case studies, role-play, action planning, and helpful hints.

  • Completion of the Everything DiSC Sales Profile
Participants Will:
  • Develop an effective plan and strategy for most negotiations
  • Recognize interests and issues and avoid unnecessary positions
  • Become more persuasive
  • Use techniques that draw information from the other party
  • Minimize conflicts and deadlocks
  • Ask and answer questions to control the negotiations
  • Deflect personal, hostile or irrelevant objections by reestablishing common ground in the negotiations
  • Create a list of concessions that can be “given” during the negotiation to use as bargaining tools
  • Read body language, facial expressions and other signals to uncover “hidden” messages
  • Neutralize manipulative tactics
  • Maximize closure opportunities
Participants Receive:
  • Coaching throughout the session
  • Evaluation of strengths/areas for improvement
  • A workbook/reference manual
Class Size:
  • Maximum of 16 people per workshop.
Workshop Length:
  • One Day Workshop

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