Respect in the Workplace (Diversity and Anti-Harassment)

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Drawing on our years of experience, our consultants will work with you to fully understand your situation, assess your needs, and empower you with the guidance to attract, retain, manage, and grow your business.

Topic Description: Respect in the Workplace (Diversity and Anti-Harassment)

Organizations that lack respect and dignity in the workplace suffer from increased costs, poor staff morale, and undesirable and damaging corporate reputation. In short, discrimination and harassment in the workplace is very bad for business!

Legislation is constantly changing in this area and so is today’s workforce, with an increasing number of women, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, and gay and transgendered people in the labor market. Ignoring talented members of the labour pool for unjustified reasons is increasingly unacceptable, and the business case for including these people is now overwhelming.

Through our respect and dignity policies and programs, we can help you create a work environment with a Zero Tolerance policy on harassment and discrimination. We provide guidance for managers and supervisors, which include investigation and mediation/counseling resources to reduce the tension that often arises from allegations of harassment. Our team of harassment experts link harassment and diversity strategy with Organizational Development success. Our programs address a wide variety of different types of harassment in the workplace, including sexual, racial, cultural, gender, age, disabilities, bullying, and psychological harassment.

We work with your organization to:

  • Establish a respectful workplace by initially identifying and prioritizing issues specific to your particular organization
  • Develop a diversity strategy that ensures policies, procedures, and identified activities are linked to business goals
  • Create a harassment policy that is in compliance with country requirements, e.g., provincial, federal, state
  • Evaluate, monitor, and measure activities to ensure business success
  • Integrate activities into broader business programs to ensure change is sustained

Our proven, results-oriented approach addresses the area of respect and dignity in the workplace from a strategic perspective as opposed to simply a “quick fix.” Whether you need us to assess your management practices, help create organizational policies and procedures, make recommendations for action steps, or conduct Harassment Training or Diversity Training, we can work with you to determine the best approach for creating a respectful and dignified work environment.

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