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At Global Learning, we recognize that information is power. That’s why we’ve pulled together a wide range of documents and case studies that might assist you in your work in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Are you looking for a particular document, or specific research or information? Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Our Resource Library contains information on the following topics:

  • Women/Gender
  • People with Disabilities
  • LGBT
  • Men
  • Aboriginal/Native American
  • Visible Minorities/People with Colour
  • Employment Resource Groups
  • Religion and Faith
  • Generational – Age
  • Global Diversity
  • Awards – not specific in other categories
  • Human Rights: Civil Rights/Human Rights/Affirmative Action
  • EEA: Employment Equity Act/Federal Contractors Program/Federally Regulated Employers- Canada
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Work Life Balance
  • Skilled Immigrants
  • Anti-Racism

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