Providing training to a large employee-base doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem. eLearning offers employers the opportunity to provide high-quality, compliance approved learning options to their teams organization-wide, regardless of location.

Global Learning is a workplace learning and development industry leader when it comes to eLearning, as we have been creating interactive web-based courses beginning in 1999. We provide both customizable, and off-the-shelf eLearning solutions, built to suit your organization’s specific learning and logistical criteria.

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Our in-house team of instructional designers, translators, programmers and subject-matter experts can work with your organization to create engaging and relevant online courses to your exact specifications or customize our library of off-the-shelf courses to include branding and content to match your corporate CULTURE, MESSAGING, and DESIGN.

All topic requests welcome: We have the capability to develop and create eLearning based on any training mandates you may have, so please feel free to start the discussion around what we can build specifically for your organization.

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After 20 years of building Workplace related elearning content for a variety of clients, we have developed our very own library of "off-the-shelf" eLearning courses, that we can effectively customize with your organization's branding.

Global Learning’s elearning can also be hosted on an either our LMS or your own, based on need.

Topics covered: Diversity & Inclusion (And varying subtopics), Unconscious Bias,Cultural Competence, Harassment in the Workplace, Leadership and Management Skills, Sales Management



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Diversity Moments™ are a creative and comprehensive series of online learning “vignettes’’ designed to introduce your employees to situational aspects of diversity and inclusion.

Concise and thought provoking, these scenarios provide the learner with context, decision points, and a take-away in 3 to 5 minutes of interactive web-based training.



Global Learning’s eLearning modules have the capability of being hosted on either our Learning Management System (LMS) or your organizations.
Not sure what an LMS is? That’s ok, contact us today and a Global Learning representative will connect with you to determine your organization’s LMS needs.