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Having now trained over 500k employees across North America, we understand that every employers needs, people, and capabilities vary, so they must be cared for with customization, uniqueness, and specificity.

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“By becoming immersed in our client’s business and culture, we anticipate their needs and help them excel in a dynamic economy.”

Elaine Newman
Founder and CEO,
Global Learning

The Global Learning Group of Companies is a business development and human capital consultancy firm offering strategic consulting and training solutions to employers striving for success in today’s fast-paced, rapidly evolving, multicultural business environment.

Founded in 1996, by former Xerox executive Elaine Newman, we are a privately-held, certified woman-owned business, working to optimize the people and workplaces of Fortune 100 corporations, Fortune 500 corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions on both a local, as well as global scale.

Our Mission

Global Learning’s mission is to assist employers in creating a diverse, inclusive, accessible, as well as optimized working culture and environment for all employees, in all sectors. 

We carry out our mission, by providing employers with strategic consulting, training, and tools that facilitate the global and cross-cultural evolution of business in a dynamic and competitive marketplace.  


Global Learning is committed to maximizing the human resource potential of every organization and every person, which is a strategic imperative in today's business environment. 

To do this, we focus on partnerships. We view consulting as a partnership designed to fully meet the specific goals of each client. We understand the importance of close communication, aligned values & philosophies and, above all, customer satisfaction.


Known for our collaborative approach, customization capabilities, and customer focus, our acclaimed team has helped countless organizations identify and overcome sensitive, high-risk workplace issues, particularly as they pertain to diversity, inclusion, human rights, equity, and compliance.

Through stake-holder consultations and collaboration, we develop both long- and short-term strategies with a variety of focuses depending upon your organization’s target results. 

Global Learning assists your organization in providing a safe, accessible, and welcoming culture as well as space for all employees to bring their “whole self” to work. We also focus on the prevention of difficult and potentially damaging workplace, organization, and employment situations, which ultimately can create high-cost problems. 

By working directly with all your organization’s stake-holders, we will identify, assess, and resolve issues that are holding your organization back from becoming diverse, inclusive, and optimized.  

Global Learning is proud to boast of the diversity of our clientele. They represent the public and private sectors, as well as unionized and non-unionized environments, including corporate offices, public-facing storefronts, as well as more trades-driven environments such as factories and/or manufacturing plants. 

We’ve built a strong reputation out of knowing how to partner with organizations to help them achieve success with an innovative approach that truly defines us as a unique organization with unique solutions.