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About Global Learning 

“We are on a mission to transform mindsets. Everyone should be able to contribute as their authentic selves and be welcomed for who they are.”

Elaine Newman, Founder and CEO

Our Story

Global Learning is a leading DEIB consulting firm, focused on cultivating diverse, inclusive, and dynamic workplaces since its inception in 1996. Founded by Elaine Newman, a former Xerox executive, our certified woman-owned business is dedicated to unleashing the full potential of both organizations and individuals alike.


Backed by a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals with extensive expertise in human resources, DEIB, and related fields, Global Learning offers unparalleled insights shaped through long-standing partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders alike. Renowned for our innovative and tailored approach, Global Learning has earned a distinguished reputation as a pioneer in the DEIB sphere, delivering cutting-edge solutions methodically crafted to address each client's unique needs. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, where embracing DEIB is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic necessity for success, Global Learning serves as a driving force for transformation

We Foster Partnerships


Global Learning has built a strong reputation for knowing how to partner with organizations to make impactful and sustainable change.  Our collaborative approach not only fosters innovation but also ensures that the transformations are deeply integrated within the organizational culture.


We have 25+ years experience advising and training Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations along with small and mid-size companies in all market sectors. Our strength lies in collaborating with our clients, appreciating their growth and achievements on their DEIB journey, and working with empathy, vision, and passion.


Our philosophy and practice thrive on collaboration and listening to diverse perspectives. We are committed to partnerships that expand our understanding, leverage our best practice methodology, align with our community partners, and expand our network.

Our Team

Global Learning is a growing team of passionate consultants, dedicated to thoughtful and meaningful change. At Global Learning we encourage innovation by fostering diverse perspectives. This is reflected in the experience of our team, who come from various academia, corporate, and not-for-profit backgrounds.

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Margaret Werdermann

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Learning Officer

Fred Werdermann

VP | Technology and Privacy

VP | Branding and Communications

Head | DEIB Strategy and Partnerships

Director| Client Services

Director | Consulting Services

Manager | Knowledge Solutions

Senior Manager | Consulting Services

DEIB Consulting

Project Coordinator

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