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Diversity Calendar

Welcome to Global Learning’s DEIB Calendar

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives have gained immense visibility in recent years. As organizations continue to recognize the intrinsic value of prioritizing DEIB, there is a growing need for comprehensive resources to guide and support their efforts. In response to this demand, we are proud to present our DEIB Calendar – a comprehensive tool designed to help organizations foster a more equitable and inclusive workplace by acknowledging Days of Significance.


Our DEIB Calendar offers a curated selection of important historical events and celebrations that honour the contributions of diverse communities. In addition, the calendar can be used to highlight potential communication or training opportunities, workshops, and webinars that will help build understanding, awareness, and empathy among teams, managers, and leaders alike!


From observing days of significance such as the International Day of Pink and National Day of Truth and Reconciliation to highlighting National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) and Black History Month, our DEIB Calendar provides a dynamic and accessible way to integrate diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging into the fabric of any organization. By embracing the principles of DEIB, you can create an environment that values unique experiences and perspectives, promotes social justice, and fosters a culture of inclusivity.


*Please note: This calendar is regularly reviewed and updated by the Global Learning Team. If you would like to suggest additional dates of observance or provide feedback for enhancements, please contact us at


If you would like a digital copy for your organization, please contact the Global Learning Team at

To help you interpret this Diversity Calendar, refer to the legend below:

*** = dynamic date (meaning the date of that specific event differs each year)

A = Awareness Day

C = Cultural Significance

R = Religious Event

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