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Overtime in Canada: How prepared is your organization?
With the holiday season fast approaching, many employees look for a window of opportunity to take advantage of overtime at work. Working overtime can be an incredible benefit to both management and the employee. What can be tricky is ensuring that all obligations and returns are identified and organized before the employee engages in the work. Read More
Exodus, Entry, and Employability
There is a little triangular cookie with an intriguing story that some of you may have noticed in grocery stores and bakeries during Purim, the last week of March. The story goes that a very long time ago (352 BCE, to be exact), Haman, the Prime Minister to the Persian emperor Achashveirosh, whose dominion extended from India to Ethiopia, wanted to kill all the Jews in the land. If it were not for the heroine; Queen Esther, and her cousin Mordechai, who engineered Haman’s downfall, he would have succeeded. Read More
Inclusive Leadership: People Follow When They are Heard
Inclusion is in the air, and we must recognize, focus, and maximize the power of its conversation. From the new Canadian Prime Minister’s inclusive leadership strategy to the U.S. presidential candidates utilizing segregation-based idealism to capture and motivate voters, inclusion as a concept has become a standalone issue that leaders must address in order to get those they wish to lead on board. Read More