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Global Learning’s eLearning is a unique and innovative approach to “just in time” organizational learning. This creative and comprehensive series of on-line learning “vignettes’’ is designed to introduce the user to situational aspects of diversity and inclusion content. Concise and thought provoking, these scenarios provide the learner with context, decision points, and a take-away in 3 to 5 minutes of interactive web-based training.

Topic Description: Canadian Overtime Online Training

This course introduces or refreshes knowledge of overtime calculation for employees in Canadian provinces; and serves as a job aid to be used as a reference when calculations must be made.


  • Support people managers in their daily duties while ensuring that the client organization is protected in the case of employee claims.

Topics covered

  • What Constitutes Overtime?
    • Provincial regulation (i.e. overtime is treated differently depending on the province)
    • Who qualifies for overtime? (i.e. hourly vs. salaried employees)
    • Daily overtime vs. weekly overtime
  • Calculating Overtime
    • Daily overtime based on provincial regulations
    • Weekly overtime based on provincial regulations
      –  Organizational overtime agreements
      –  Scenario Interaction
  • Compensating for Overtime
    • Different Options for Compensation
      • Who Gets to Choose?
    • Monetary Payment vs. Banked time
    • What if the employee leaves before being compensated?
      –  Scenario Interaction
  • Managing Overtime
    • Documentation of overtime
    • Voluntary employee overtime
    • Proactive management of upcoming projects
    • Scenario Interaction
  • Post Test

Also included in the course:

Job Aid

Easy access to a Page for each Province/Territory that outlines its applicable laws, thresholds, and compensation rates.

One FAQ page with Q & A list including, but not limited to:

  • Requirements for rest periods between work shifts/days
  • Special Circumstances:
    • Working on a Statutory Holiday
    • After Hours Events
    • Jury Duty, Personal Illness, or Vacation Time
  • When Province and Organization Collide (i.e. what to do when province has thresholds for specific overtime rates, but organization’s agreement has different thresholds)
  • Informal arrangements and other forms of compensation


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