Global Learning - Canadian Overtime Online LearningWith the holiday season fast approaching, many employees look for a window of opportunity to take advantage of overtime at work.

Working overtime can be an incredible benefit to both management and the employee. What can be tricky is ensuring that all obligations and returns are identified and organized before the employee engages in the work.

Does your organization have a policy in place to efficiently calculate and conduct overtime?

Global Learning’s latest eLearning module “Canadian Overtime Online Training” introduces or refreshes knowledge of overtime calculation for employees in Canadian provinces; and serves as a job aid for referencing when conducting mandatory calculations.

Canadian overtime topics covered:

  • What constitutes overtime?
    –  Provincial regulation (i.e. overtime is treated differently depending on the province)
    –  Who qualifies for overtime? (i.e. hourly vs. salaried employees)
    –  Daily overtime based on provincial regulations
  • Calculation
    –  Weekly overtime based on provincial regulations
                Organizational overtime agreements
                Scenario Interaction
  • Compensation
    –  Different Options for Compensation
    Who Gets to Choose
    –  Monetary Payment vs. Banked time
    –  What if the employee leaves before being compensated?
               Scenario Interaction
  • Management
    –  Documentation of overtime
    –  Voluntary employee overtime
    –  Proactive management of upcoming projects
    –  Scenario Interaction

Included in with the module:

  • Post training test
  • Job aid containing – FAQ & Q&A including but not limited to:
    –  Requirements for rest periods between work shifts/days
    –  How to handle special circumstances such as holidays, after hours events, jury duty, etc.
    –  When Province and Organization Collide (i.e. what to do when province has thresholds for specific overtime rates, but organization’s agreement has different thresholds)
    –  Informal arrangements and other forms of compensation

Support your people managers in their daily duties while ensuring that your  organization is protected in the case of employee claims. Keeping your organization one step ahead, will allow you to assist your employees at times when they may need your organization’s support the most.

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