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March 10: International Day of Women Judges

The International Day of Women Judges is celebrated on March 10 to honor the achievements and efforts of women in the legal profession. We can raise awareness of gender inequity and give a forum to support diversity and inclusion in Canadian workplaces by commemorating this day.

The United Nations established International Day of Women Judges to recognize the strides achieved in recent decades to provide equitable access to justice for all people, regardless of gender. This day was created to honor female judges all around the globe who are increasingly taking on leading positions in their nations' judiciaries. It is also a reminder that female representation must be fostered and maintained in order to achieve greater equality in the judicial system.

Since 2002, when the Supreme Court selected its first female Chief Justice, Canada has made tremendous steps toward attaining judicial equity. According to Global News, "in 2018, women held 33% of federally appointed judge seats, up from 23% five years earlier." Notwithstanding these gains, there is still a long way to go before complete gender balance on Canadian benches is attained.

As a consultant focused to Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), Global Learning understands that workplace inclusion is critical for success today and in the future. Although it may take time for Canadian workplaces to become entirely gender fair, we think it is not only attainable but also necessary for companies throughout the nation. As a result, we are dedicated to collaborating with employers to establish a work climate in which everyone, regardless of background or identity, has an equal chance to thrive.

To do so successfully, all levels of company leadership must be committed, from HR executives and directors to managers and workers, each with a well-defined role in effecting good change inside their businesses. Furthermore, organizations must strive for systemic change by enacting policies that foster more inclusive workplaces that are tailored specifically to individual differences, rather than taking generic approaches that may lead to people feeling excluded due to a lack of recognition or value provided by those around them.

At Global Learning, we acknowledge that International Day of Women Judges plays an important role in fostering more social fairness throughout the world, as well as in Canada's workplace culture, where more progress must be made before genuine equity can be experienced by both genders. We stand firm alongside organizations worldwide striving for greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), allowing them to build better teams that foster innovation through collaboration between individuals  because of their backgrounds or identities, allowing for personal and professional growth for everyone involved!


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