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National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day)

As we commemorate the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, we at Global Learning pause to acknowledge, with profound reverence, the invaluable contributions and the enduring cultural influence of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

Each individual among us bears the personal responsibility to introspect on our actions as they relate to acknowledging the history of the Canadian Indigenous Peoples. It is incumbent upon us to ensure that this acknowledgment transcends mere recognition, evolving into conscious respect and appreciation for their indelible legacy.


  • Educate Yourself: Immerse yourself in the rich history, vibrant cultures, and significant contributions of the Indigenous Peoples in Canada. The wealth of knowledge available includes conventional online resources and libraries, and extends beyond through resources made available from distinguished educational institutions, specifically established to facilitate profound understanding of Indigenous heritage. These organizations offer a unique insight into the complex narratives and perspectives.

  • Listen and Learn: Actively pursue the narratives and perspectives of Indigenous voices. Enrich your knowledge base by tuning into podcasts, immersing yourself in literary works, or viewing films crafted by Indigenous creators. This deliberate act of engagement allows you to delve deeper into  lived experiences, fostering an understanding that transcends surface-level awareness and cultivates genuine empathy and respect for Indigenous perspectives.


  • Reflect and Acknowledge: Pause and consciously contemplate the profound repercussions of residential schools and marvel at the unwavering resilience demonstrated by the Indigenous Peoples. This historical reflection is not merely an exercise in empathy but a crucial step towards understanding their journey. As a gesture of respect, acknowledge and honor the traditional Indigenous lands upon which you reside. This acknowledgment signifies recognition of their ancestral rights and an appreciation for their enduring connection to these territories.

  • Support Indigenous Businesses: Contemplate allocating your purchasing power towards goods or services provided by Indigenous-owned enterprises. This deliberate choice does more than just support Indigenous business owners, it also serves the whole community.  By doing so, you become an integral part of a cycle that not only supports financial stability but also contributes to the preservation and perpetuation of an their invaluable cultural heritage.


  • Donate: Should your circumstances permit, we strongly urge you to contemplate making a financial contribution to organizations dedicated to the upliftment of Indigenous communities. Each donation, irrespective of its size, plays an instrumental role in catalyzing change. Remember, every single contribution adds up and has the potential to create substantial impact, fostering progress for Indigenous communities.


At Global Learning, we uphold the conviction that education and comprehension serve as formidable catalysts in bridging societal chasms, nurturing an inclusive environment, and collectively carving a progressive path forward. On this day, we implore active solidarity, profound respect, and an unwavering dedication towards continuous learning and understanding. This call to action resonates with everyone, for everyone, as we strive to foster a community rooted in empathy and enlightenment.

Orange Shirt Day: This day is additionally acknowledged as 'Orange Shirt Day', a significant symbol of our collective consciousness. On this occasion, we urge our Global Learning community to wear the colour orange. This symbolic gesture is an explicit display of unity with our Indigenous communities, reinforcing our collective commitment to understanding, respect, and solidarity.

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