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Top 10 Diversity & Inclusion Services Company

Global Learning is excited to announce that our firm has been named one of the Top Ten Diversity & Inclusion Services Companies of 2022 by ManageHR Magazine, whom we thank for this wonderful recognition. We are honoured to be included amongst a prestigious list of DEIB champions, all working toward the same goals of creating inclusive and safe spaces for everyone. 

ManageHR Magazine's December 2022 issue, dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace, highlighted their Top Ten Diversity & Inclusion Services Companies honourees, as well as provided essays, editorials, and insights into the current state of DEIB in the workplace from multiple professional perspectives. We are proud to say, featured on the cover of the magazine is Elaine Newman, founder and CEO of Global Learning, and our cover-story article 'Global Learning: The Architect of Sustainable DEIB Solutions'. 

  • Read December 2022 ManageHR Magazine >>> here.

  • Read 'Global Learning: The Architect of Sustainable DEIB Solutions' >>> here

About ManageHR Magazine

ManageHR, through its print and digital magazines, websites, and newsletter, provides real-life knowledge and HR practices frameworks to transform the roles of its readers from HR professionals working for a business to business managers who specialize in HR.

About Global Learning

Global Learning is a certified woman-owned business which has been in operation for over 25 years. As a true DEIB leader, Global Learning has provided training, surveyed, and shaped the journeys of over 850,000 employees across North America, as we continue to guide organizations in creating and sustaining more equitable and inclusive workplaces for everyone.

Interested in learning more about how Global Learning can assist with your organization's DEIB journey? Contact us, today.


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