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February 1, 2023: World Hijab Day

The Importance of Understanding World Hijab Day in the Workplace

Every year on February 1st, people around the world celebrate World Hijab Day. According to a 2017 survey conducted by Statista, 11.5% of Muslim women in Canada wear a hijab, which is a headscarf worn by many Muslim women as a symbol of their faith and modesty. It’s important for employers to understand why people are wearing hijabs and how it affects them in the workplace. To mark this special day, Global Learning is here to provide information about the history of World Hijab Day and discuss how understanding diversity & inclusion in the workplace can help create an environment that’s respectful and inclusive for everyone.

History of World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day was founded in 2013 by Nazma Khan, who wanted to promote religious freedom and acceptance of hijab-wearing women around the world. The day has grown significantly since then and is now celebrated annually on February 1st with over 130 countries participating around the world. This day serves as a reminder that every person has a right to choose what they wear without fear or judgement.

Differences in Hijabs

It’s important to recognize that not all hijabs are created equal; there are many different styles depending on personal preference, cultural background, and religion. There are also different types of fabric such as cotton, silk, jersey, chiffon, etc., as well as various colors available for those who choose to wear them. Understanding this will help employers create a more inclusive environment for their employees who may choose to wear hijabs for religious reasons or simply because they want too.

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

At Global Learning we believe that having an open dialogue about diversity & inclusion can help us create a better working environment for everyone that acknowledges race or gender identity. We strive to create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear or judgement from their colleagues or supervisors. Through conversations like these we hope to foster an understanding between us all so that everyone can work together towards creating a more just and equitable society both inside and outside their organizations.

On this World Hijab Day let’s join together in recognizing our differences while celebrating our similarities too! At Global Learning we understand how important it is to have an open dialogue about DEIB (Diversity Equity Inclusion Belonging) topics so that everyone feels included considering their race/ethnicity/gender/religion/sexual orientation etc.. By recognizing World Hijab Day we hope organizations across Canada will take steps towards creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels respected and valued regardless of their appearance or beliefs. Let's continue striving for equality within our workplaces!

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