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Inspire Inclusion with Global Learning Inc.

This year, the theme for International Women's Day (IWD) is ‘Inspire Inclusion’. As a majority woman-owned and led DEIB consulting firm, at Global Learning Inc., we more than just celebrate women’s contributions, we actively #InspireInclusion.

Global Learning Inc. recognizes that each woman brings her own intersectional experiences. To champion those varied perspectives, we understand the importance of fostering open dialogues, encouraging empathy, and promoting autonomy and flexibility. We believe that all women should be empowered to feel valued and included.

In reference to IWD, some Inspire Inclusion actions include:

  • Empowering women economically

  • Enhancing talent diversity

  • Promoting women in leadership, especially within STEM

  • Creating physical and social infrastructure for women's needs

  • Offering quality education for all women

Historically, women have often been dismissed, both in and out of the workplace. This year's theme, 'Inspire Inclusion,' reminds us that change starts collectively. Everyone can contribute by acknowledging, advocating for, and sponsoring women.

Acknowledging shared space is a key step to promoting inclusion at work. A 2023 Canada Powered by Women article highlights research that shows that women are more likely to voice their opinions when they are provided with a collaborative open space to speak, show support and share information.

Here are some takeaways for building more inclusive team meetings:

  • Monitor interruptions

  • Formally allocate a set amount of time for each person to speak

  • Actively listen, validate, and confirm what you hear

  • Promote psychological safety by saying, “Who has opposite thoughts on this?”

  • Move from majority-based decisions to unanimous consensus

We recognize that fostering inclusion and belonging is an ongoing endeavor. At Global Learning Inc., we continue to champion our commitment to represent, hire, and retain talented women from all communities.

Want to learn more? Check out additional resources to share with your organization:

  • Inclusion starts with intersectionality. What is Intersectionality? Professor Peter Hopkin provides a foundational understanding of the intersectional concept and the barriers that prevent the inclusion of all women. (3 mins)

  • Learn insights about how the gender data gap is not malicious through an interview with Caroline Criado Perez’s Invisible Women with 99% Invisible Podcast (27 mins)

  • Shape the future generation by focusing on children's books that feature intersectional women!

  • The gender pay gap, spotlighted every International Women's Day, is explored in Vox's Why Women are Paid Less. The video discusses global pay disparities, including the "motherhood penalty", and offers case studies to narrow the wage gap through policy and societal changes. (18 mins)


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